Our ageing population needs a way to incorporate more physical activity in their leisure time in order to improve health, cognitive function and overall quality of life.



We began our research with a literature review. The team looked at 27 different papers related to improving the well...


Based on our initial research we brainstormed to generate some ideas, these were our top ten ideas: Grannies crowd funding...

Conceptualisation & Early Prototyping

Having all conducted research into the improvement of health and well being in older adults the team met to discuss...

Evaluation: Focus Group With Residents

I met with 16 residents in Clover Lodge, 13 women and 3 men. I told them about the course I...

Research: Interview with Physiotherapist

These are the main points from an unstructured interview with a physiotherapist. The biggest issue for older people relates to...

Research: Interview with David Ward of Third Age

What does your role involve? In charge of organizing and coordinating events and activities for the residents in clover lodge...

Evaluation: Design principles

   A general set of design principles is useful to develop design ideas and can be used as a checklist...

Process Images and Videos

Process Images and Videos

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Research: Persona

Research: Persona

Journey Mapping

Journey Mapping